About Bliss Bones Co.

Chef And Owner Sana Rehman

Chef Sana Rehman is a Chicagoan and currently residing in Evanston, IL.

Chef and owner Sana Rehman moved to the dog loving city of Evanston in 2019. Evanston had everything; friendly and supportive neighbors, great food, a world-renowned University, lovely lakeside beaches and trails and some of the best architecture! Even bakeries that are to die for, but what she really felt was missing was a bakery for dogs. Sure, there are multiple dog stores, with an amazing variety, but not a place where dogs can have freshly baked treats, birthday cakes, and cupcakes the way their “hooman” friends do. A place where they can have these freshly baked treats; treats with a promise of being organic and non-GMO. An option just for themselves. Chef Sana reflected on what was the greatest way she could utilize her skills to best serve her community. Thus, Bliss Bones Co. was born. Bliss Bones focuses on simple, sustainable and wholesome treats.  

     Why organic for our little buddies? It eliminates toxic pesticides, artificial flavors and colors, synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and irradiation. By providing superior- quality and nutritious organic dog foods, it may help in improving your dog or puppy’s health by:

🦴 Reducing digestive disorders

🦴 Strengthening the immune system

🦴 Increasing energy levels

🦴 Supporting optimal growth and development in puppies

🦴 Reducing, or even eliminating, allergies

🦴 Keeping skin and coat healthy

🦴 Maintaining a healthy weight

🦴 Helping to prevent the development of serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes

🦴 Increasing life expectancy, and quality of life

About Chef and Owner Sana Rehman:

Chef Sana has found her little slice of heaven out near the lake and is aspiring to be the next puppy bakery in town. Humbly starting from home, she strives to have a full-blown bakery as her business rises. On her walks around the neighborhood she passes many dogs…many, many, many, and just a few more many dogs. Being a chef is demanding of her time, and though she has her heart set on a Husky and a Pitbull, she has not been able to bring home a special someone just yet. Handing out these homemade delightful delicacies has been her new way of engaging with her neighborhood wagging-tailed-buddies. 

Chef Sana has been classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. Worked as a chef at Walt Disney World, taught hundreds of cooking classes at Sur La Table, and has been whirling around in the world of private cheffing for the last few years…all before she had the spark of an idea to start Bliss Bones Co. 

Ready For your dog to enjoy healthy & nutritious treats?

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